Searches for Exoplanets

After the discovery of the first planet outside Solar System in 1992, the search for extrasolar planets represents one of the most active fields in astronomy. Several observational and technological projects are on-going at INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova.

A major efforts was devoted in the past years to the study of the effects of the dynamical environment (binary systems, star clusters) on the frequency and properties of planetary systems.

Now, with the availability of HARPS-N ( at TNG ( and the near-future one of SPHERE at VLT, top-class instruments worldwide to the detection of extrasolar planets, we will search for low mass, rocky planets in close orbits and we will detect and characterize giant planets in wide orbits.

OAPD is also heavily involved in projects for future instrumentation aimed at the detection and characterization of Earth-like planets, as the space missions PLATO and ECHO (link a pagina OAPD dedicata. da fare) and the E-ELT (link) planet finder EPICS, with significant involvement both on the scientific definition and preparation and on the instrument design and development.

Links to dedicated sub-pages:

Radial velocity planet searches

Direct Imaging planet searches

Planets in binary systems

Planets in star clusters

Search and characterization of transiting planets

Atmosphere in Test Tube

Searches for exoplanets -PAST STUDIES

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