Giovedi 31 Maggio 2018, h. 11:30 
 Aula L. Rosino Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia

  Cesare Chiosi

   Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia, Università di Padova 

 The Scale Free Theory of Stellar Convection: a critical review





S. Pasetto , C. Chiosi , M. Cropper , E. Chiosi , D. Crnojevi¢

Presentato da Cesare Chiosi


Pasetto et al. (2014) developed a fully self-consistent, scale-free theory of stellar convection (SFCT) in which the velocities, dimensions and energy fluxes carried by convective elements are first determined the rest frame co-moving with a generic convective element and then transfered to the inerial frame of a star. As the dynamics of the problem is formulated in a different context compared to the classical Mixing Length (ML) theory, the resulting equations are sufficient to determine all the properties of stellar convection as a function of the environment physics, with no need at all of the Mixing Length (ML) parameter. Subsequently, Pasetto et al. (2016) and Chiosi, Pasetto & Chiosi (2016) improved upon the SFC theory by introducing suitable boundary conditions at the surface of the external convection in a star and presented the first stellar models and companion evolutionary tracks on the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram (HRD). In the meantime, the SFC theory has been criticized by Miller-Bertolami et al. (2016) who confute  that (a) convective elements and surrounding medium cannot be in hydrostatic equilibium, (b) the velocity regimes for the upward/inward motion  and the expansion/ shrinkage of convective elements and (c) the permitted range of applicability of the theory.  In this study we critically review all the assumptions at the basis of the SFCT,
confute the arguments by Miller_Bertolami et al and demonstrate that their criticism  is not physically motivated.






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