Figure 1:Preliminary conceptual design of the WSO Field Camera Unit.

 The World Space Observatory for Ultraviolet  (WSO-UV) is an international collaboration led by Russia to build an UV (100-310 nm) mission with capabilities which are presently, in the near and long term future, unavailable to the world-wide astronomical community.
The mission consists of a 1.7m telescope able to perform:

  • high resolution (R~55,000) spectroscopy by means of two echelle spectrographs covering the 100-310 nm range;
  • long slit (1 x 75 arcsec) low resolution (R~1500-2500) spectroscopy;
  • deep UV and diffraction limited optical imaging.

The Field Camera Unit (FCU) is the main Italian contribution to WSO/UV. The FCU consists of three imaging channels: FUV: 115-190 nm, 0.2 arcsec/px, 6.6x6.6 arcmin2 NUV: 150-280 nm, 0.03 arcsec/px, 1x1 arcmin2 UVO: 200-700 nm, 0.07 arcsec/px, 4.7x4.7 arcmin2 The Italian contribution to WSO-UV is funded by the Italian Space Agency. The activity for Phase A/B1 are supported under contract ASI/INAF No. I/085/06/0.

OAPD contributes to the project on helping the development of the optical design of the three camera channels, on-board calibration unit and filters definition. Moreover, OAPD contributes to the FCU Science Team.

People: L. Buson, R. Claudi, D. Magrin, M. Turatto

Collaboration: INAF OA Catania (PI), IASF Bologna, INAF OA Capodimonte, IASF Milano, INAF OA Arcetri, INAF OA Teramo, INAF OA Bologna, INAF OA Torino, IFSI Roma, INAF OA Cagliari, INAF OA Trieste, Firenze Univ., Padova Univ., STScI-ESA, Bologna Univ., Pisa Univ.

Publications: Pagano et al. (2007),  ref.

Links: WSO-UV Italian Site

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