From Asiago to the stars

The educational activities of INAF - Observatory of Padua in Asiago are addressed to teachers, students and groups during the school year (from October to June), to tourists and the general public also of children and families during summer time (from June to September) and in the Christmas period, or for special events also in collaboration with the Comune of Asiago that frequently organizes events in every period of the year (e.s. Asiago in Fiaba in spring, Notte nera in summer or Asiago Foliage in autumn) or the Guide Altopiano which also organizes naturalistic guided excursions combined with an astronomy lesson (e.g. Trekking & astronomy).

Activities at the Asiago site are usually done in a dome transformed in a Multimedia Room and dedicated to education and outreach activities.

The Multimedia Room is housed in the southest dome of Pennar site. The dome was built in the 1960's to house the Schmidt 67/92 telescope. In 1999 such a dome was transformed into a Centre for education and outreach. It is equipped with: Celestron telescope C-11 (79 mm, focal lenght 2800 mm, f/10) and Vixen telescope (102 mm, focal lenght 1000 mm, f/10). The Multimedia Room is accessible to disabled persons.

Lectures for students, meetings for teachers, guided observations of the sky, but also laboratory for children or astronomical games are organized very frequently.

Our aim is to explain to the audience the research work of telescopes and astronomers, in the past, at present and in the future talking about the great observing facilities ground and spatial being designed (e.g, the Extremely Large Telescope by ESO).

Usually it is choosen a particular astronomical topic (the solar system, stellar evolution, cosmology ...), according to the interests of the audience. For schools the topics are choosen accoring the school grade (see an example of thematics in italian).

Guided observations of the sky - with binoculars and amatorial telescopes - follow lectures and meetings, if the weather is favourable. Nevertheless, as there is the possibility of bad weather, the educational aims of the meetings are privileged.

During summer time, when there are not ice and snow on the road to Cima Ekar, it is possible to visit the 182 cm Copernico telescope at Cima Ekar (control room and telescope floor) by reservation only. The dome is not accessible to disabled persons.

All visits must be booked. For information and reservation:

SIT (servizio informazioni turistiche Asiago): di Piazza Carli Asiago (VI), Tel +39 0424 462221 info at asiago.to

Osservatorio astrofisico di Asiago, località Pennar visite.asiago at oapd.inaf.it

For further information see Divulgazione (in italian)