Previous programs and archive of observations in service mode

SM_1 La massa dei quasar di redshift medio alto (PI: D. Trevese) - pubblication

SM_2 Follow-up di candidati BL-Lac radio quieti (PI: R. Nesci) - pubblication

SM_3 Recalibration of the Log (MBH)-MR relation for nearby inactive galaxies. (PI: D. Bettoni)

SM_4 Monitoraggio spettroscopico di V838 Monocerotis (PI: U. Munari) - pubblication

SM_5 Ricerca di alterazione acquosa su asteroidi Troiani (PI: M. Lazzarin)

SM_6 Hunting the nature of the Ultraluminous X-ray Source NGC4168-X1 (PI: L. Foschini) - pubblication

SM_7 Fotopolarimetria di asteroidi (PI: S. Fornasier) - pubblication

SM_8 Spectral Variability of radio loud AGN (PI: M. Calvani)

SM_9 CCD imaging of HFP radio sources. (PI: D. Dallacasa)

SM_10 Photometry of galaxies in IRAS survey. (PI: D. Bettoni)

SM_11 Follow-up CCD observations of a suspected dwarf galaxy (PI: E. Held)

SM_12 Looking for the origin of large scale wind structures in OB supergiants (PI: T. Morel)

SM_13 A search for N in comets. (PI: C. Barbieri)

SM_14 Color images of Messier objects. (PI: F. Boschi )

SM_15 Spectroscopic observations of 2867 Steins .(PI: S. Fornasier )

SM_16 Search for rapid variations in Narrow line Sy 1 galaxies. (PI: P. Marziani )

SM_17 Planetary nebulae: doubling of the galactic sample. (PI: F. Sabbadin )

SM_18 Detailed study of the physics of nearby Supernovae. (PI: S.Benetti) - pubblication

SM_19 Multiwavelength monitoring of the BL Lac AO 0235+164. (PI: C.M. Raiteri ) - pubblication

SM_20 3-D shape and shaping of expanding nebulae.(PI: F. Sabbadin )

SM_21 Investigation of Giant Radio Galaxies.(PI: J. Machalski ) - pubblication

SM_22 Crab spectroscopic imaging.(PI: A. Cadez )

SM_23 Detailed 3-D Ionization Structure of Two Cataclysmic Remnants. (PI: F. Sabbadin)

SM_24 Catalogo Fotometrico UBVRI di Stelle Simbiotiche. (PI: U. Munari)

SM_25 Supermassive Black Holes and Their Host Galaxies.(PI: R. Decarli ) - pubblication

SM_26 The Asteroid 11264 (PI: C. Maccone )

SM_27 Solving a 30yr old star mistery (PI: Y. Naze ) - pubblication

SM_28 Monitoraggio spettroscopico di novae recenti e V838 Mon. (PI: U. Munari ) - pubblication

SM_29 Classificazione spettrale di nuclei di galassie (PI: V. Casasola )

SM_30 Spectrophotometric Investigations of FBS Late-M, AGB Stars in GH (PI: C. Rossi ) - pubblication

SM_31 Revealing the Nature of INTEGRAL Hard X-ray Sources. (PI: N.Masetti ) - pubblication

SM_32 Monitoring the Variability of Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies (PI: S. Ciroi )

SM_33 Limits on Galactic Structure from Short-period Mira Variable stars. (PI: T. Sakamoto )

SM_34 Metodo Baade-Wesselink applicato alla stella H254 in IC348 (PI: V. Ripepi )

SM_35 A search for pairs of bright quasars. (PI: R. Decarli )

SM_36 Extending the Milky Way rotation curve beyond 20Kpc. (PI: C. Rossi )

SM_37 UV Photometry of the Galactic Clusters NGC6791, NGC6819 and NGC7142. (PI: L. Buson )

SM_38 Halpha and IR Spectra of Be stars - Gaia ground support. (PI: P.Koubsky )

SM_39 Spectrophotometric study of GR290 and other Luminous Blue Variables in M33. (PI: R. Viotti )

SM_40 The spectroscopy of the galactic eclipsing binaries with a Type II Cepheid components. (PI: E.Sipahi )