Echelle spectrograph

The Reosc Echelle Spectrograph provides high dispersion spectra (from 5 Å/mm in the far blue to 10 Å/mm at 6000 Å), with cross-dispersion provided by a grating. The spectrograph can also be used in normal dispersion mode by replacing the echelle grating with a flat mirror and interchanging the slit and comparison lamp slots. The use of the latter configuration is not however encouraged.

Echelle technical data

  • Collimator Focal Length 721.8 mm

  • Collimator Off axis parabola 90x110 mm

  • Beam Diameter 83 mm

  • Camera Focal Length 204 mm

  • Camera Flat Focal Plane 8x5 degree

  • Wavelength Coverage - nm

  • Limiting Spectral Resolution 28600 (0.7 arcsec slit)

ECHELLE USER MANUAL (pdf rar files 5 M)